Thursday, 5 May 2011

Voting Without Polling Card

The Lib Dem tellers have been refusing voters entry to the Newbury Waterside Centre polling station without their polling card.

They are NOT allowed to do this.

Voters have an absolute right to turn up at the polling station and state their name and address inside the polling station. A complaint from the Apolitical Democrats has been logged with the Returning Officer and the Lib Dem agent.

Also, you do NOT have to even speak to the Lib Dem activist on the door let alone tell them your name or polling number!


A Northern Bloke said...

Surely, this is a criminal offence?

Charlie said...

Actually yes.

A Northern Bloke said...

I hope they end up in court.

My parents "sheltered" under the kitchen table during the second world war while the Luftwaffe tried to bomb Preston. This was all part of fighting Hitler so we could live in a democratic society. What happens sseventy years later? Some little prick (sorry!) tries to deny people the vote by telling them a bare faced bloody lie.

A heavy fine is the least they deserve!

Charlie said...

Just read your comment to Dave over the phone! Well said that man!