Saturday, 10 April 2010

Election Literature 1

Three years ago I was putting leaflets like this one through your doors,  asking you to vote  for me in the local council elections.

At that time I was telling you about the dreadful waste of Section 106* money within West Berkshire District Council. Money that was intended to make our lives better,  was being used to    balance the councils books.

Two years later, following a freedom of information request by the Liberals in opposition, the Newbury Weekly News brought the story to the wider public's attention.

 Letters were written, the Conservatives denied  any wrong doing. It was the big story for weeks, until the Liberals realised that at the time of my revelation, they had been the ones in control of the council.The Conservatives were simply carrying on a practice that they had implemented years before. They are both as bad as each other.
(* The money paid to the council by developers to get planning applications approved)

Now it’s election time again, only this time it’s the big one “Parliament”.  But is anyone telling you the truth now? Will they have the guts to tell you what is really happening to the country?