David Yates stood for the Apolitical Democrats in the Newbury General Election 2010.

He joined the army as an apprentice at age 16. He has lived locally since he first came to Newbury with the army in 1981. Although trained in the army as a land surveyor, he currently works as a builder.

Aged 48, David is married with 4 children, 2 of whom still go to school locally. David is an active parent governor at their school.

He is keen to get away from the kind of knee jerk tribal politics that can see a donkey elected simply for sporting a particular colour of rosette. He believes that an MP should represent the wishes of the voters, rather than their own or their party’s interests.

The Apolitical Democrats are by definition apolitical, ‘politically neutral, unbiased, non-aligned’, and democrats ‘believers in the democratic right of people to choose who represents them in government’.

David’s aim is to provide a counter balance to discredited, big-party tribal politics and a credible alternative to the usual out-of-touch politicians.