Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Representation not Confrontation

No more White Elephants!

The Lib Dems are claiming to be the only worthwhile choice of opposition to the Conservatives on West Berkshire District Council. We as Apoliticals don’t believe that the task of our councillors is to support or oppose the big name tribal parties just for the sake of it. We believe that our elected representatives should be exactly that - the representatives of the wishes of the people.

Lib Dem claims in this election:
  • They claim to have ‘negotiated’ the works on the new skate park and play equipment in Victoria Park.
    But these are enabling works to make space for the new Arts Pavilion that the Conservatives want to build! And why start works at the beginning of the school holidays?

  • They claim to be ‘investigating’ the installation of a new Hydro electric scheme on the tow path adjacent to the Lock Stock and Barrel and claim it will part-power the Library.
    It will never be connected directly to the Library, and it is not likely ever to provide enough electricity to keep the lights on in there. And it will take decades to recoup its own carbon footprint in green power generated.

  • They claim ‘to oppose’ green field development in favour brown field sites.
    Yet they brag about scuppering the redevelopment of the eyesore that is Sterling Mill.

  • They have ‘overseen’ a flood survey which identifies large flood danger Zones in Newbury.
    Yet requests direct to our elected representative for the roadside drains to be cleared in those High Risk areas have fallen on deaf ears. Another four years have passed and still some are untouched.

  • They’ve ‘identified’ that the roads are in a terrible state!
    As our elected representatives, why haven’t they done something about it before now?

  • They ‘claim’ to be pressing for more community wardens then show pictures of real policemen!
    We want to see more real police out from behind their desks and in our Town Centre.

  • They are about to ‘spend’ £5,000 “of our money” putting up signs on a ‘walk’ round the fields to the West of Northcroft.
    We are yet to find anyone who thinks this is a good idea!

  • They claim to be ‘fighting’ for ‘us’ here in the town centre!
    Yet on their watch they allowed the £750,000 of developers contributions, earmarked for the building of a new nursery at Shaw to be given to the Thatcham Nature Discovery Centre.
What we Apoliticals want for the Town:

We want the Council to understand that we are sick of living in a building site. The overwhelming concern of the people we have spoken to, is that Newbury is losing its identity as a small market town. People in the town centre want to stop the continual development; to see more market traders encouraged to the town; for conditions to be put in place that support small independent shops, and to have access to a diverse and vibrant social life.

In the face of cuts we need services, not more capital vanity projects.
We need local people to fight for our rights here in our Town Centre.


Anonymous said...

You are mixing up, as far as I can see, the claims of Libdems/Cons. WBC is controlled by the Conservative party and the claims and failures that you attribute to the Libdems are those for the Conservative group.
Newbury Town Council has a Libdem majority but they are a parish council in real terms and are not responsible for most if not all your blog bullets

Charlie said...

The Lib Dems are claiming this stuff for themselves as their 'achievments'!

Our criticism is that the Libs have failed miserably to hold the Tories to account, most spectacularly here for us in Newbury Town Centre.

We are holding to account the actual currently elected representatives in the wards we are contesting, who are Lib Dems.