Wednesday, 30 March 2011

60 Second Guide to Monetary Reform

There are only 2 basic choices for who issues a nation’s money:
1. we the people; or
2. banks.

The second alternative -- believe it or not -- is the case today -- for nearly every nation on earth.
Think about this. Which do you want?

The issuance of the nation's money is the most important power – even the very definition of sovereignty.
• Without it, a nation CANNOT be sovereign.
• Without it, a nation must borrow.
• Without it, a nation must borrow all its money from bankers; and yes, they do charge interest on it.

Remember what Proverbs warns:
”… the borrower is servant to the lender.”

That’s why nations can never get out of debt under this system, because all our money is borrowed from bankers. To reduce the National Debt is to quite literally reduce the national money supply; in other words, create a money shortage. Politicians tend to ignore – or don’t understand - this embarrassing fact.

Governmental “austerity” measures will not work. Why? It’s the interest – the interest on the U.S. National Debt is growing faster than any likely cutbacks in spending. This never-reported fact is what is overwhelming every governmental budget everywhere around the planet. That's why 2011 in the U.S. will be the year of municipal and possibly even the first State bankruptcies in American history. Why? Because as interest rates rise on municipal bonds, interest payments owed by States are going to skyrocket. This is in addition to declining state tax revenues and certain reductions in Federal contributions to state budgets.

In 2011, we will reach the tipping point. Nothing can fix this short of a basic restructuring of our debt-based money system. No More National Debt.

From Bill Still's book page.

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Pete Simpson said...

The rot and stench goes far deeper than the High Street Banks. The private owners of the central banks - the main one being the Rothschild spawn of the prince of darkness - are prepared to go to any lengths to consolidate their their strangleholds on the the world economy. No hardship, suffering and death must stop this

Consider this: before the joint Israeli/US false flag demolition of World Trade Centers 1, 2 and 7 (7 the smoking gun) there were just 7 nations free of the central bank curse -

Afghanistan (invaded CB installed)
Iraq (invaded CB installed)
Libya (disorganised rabble install CB 30 Mar 2011)
North Korea (under Chinese control)
Iran (soon to be invaded)
Sudan (destabilised by popular - CIA-backed - uprising)
Cuba (may well be the last to fall)

What will the money masters do when control is complete? Do you see a police state and slavery in your future? Would you even awake and know? Sleep on mankind...