Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Radio 4 programme 31st October 2010

In a week when I have had a letter published in the Newbury Weekly News expressing my concern that the press is doing nothing to inform the people of this country about the issues surrounding monetary reform, the BBC has broadcast a very interesting program about Quantitative Easing.

The program was on Radio 4 on Sunday 31 October at 02:30 Hrs GMT, half an hour after the clocks had gone back, so in effect half past three in real money. I am sure that the Beeb will consider its duty to the listening public to be fulfilled, and that it is informing us all of the issues of the day, but who in their right mind is going to be listening to radio 4 at that time of the night? (Obviously I was, but you can draw your own conclusions from that.)

The issuing of billions of “printed” pounds by the Treasury is no small matter, and one wonders whether such a topic shouldn’t have attracted a more prominent slot in the radio schedule. Whose agenda is the BCC working towards?

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